Sunday, 16 October 2011

Crush a Crush!

"OMG!! look at that guy! hes so smoking hot! will he like me? should i go talk to him? did he just look back at me??? awww i  guess he likes me too! would so love to marry him! "

do such thoughts reoccur on your mind often? do you see a guy and go Ga-ga over him? 
do you get serious about a guy as soon as you meet him? like you want to get him by hook or by crook?

I've seen many girls doing this. the major reason would be our typical romeo-Juliet movies that we get to watch or explicit content we read. moreover on a larger canvas, this age seems to have only one thing on mind which is dating. if you are not dating you are not worth anything. like girls as young as say twelve or thirteen have boy friends without even knowing much about them?! really? do you even understand what commitment means darling? ah i dont think you do!

i mean whats the point of rushing into a relationship so soon? and then that guy is not serious about you. you break up and go gloomy emo types? it is so not acceptable to let anybody hurt you like that! because as a student of psychology i can tell that the memories of your childhood somehow will effect your mindset and your happiness later on.

apart from kiddos, adolescents must know that they have got to go a long way. nope the worlds not ending yet and seeing someone is not the only thing you could/should do. life cannot be restricted to doing that alone. its so much bigger!

let me tell you what i believe , i believe my creator knows who/where and how my Mr. Perfect will come to me. 
i know someone is made for me and for me alone! its for the fate to decide when exactly we will meet. 
so i dont go places searching for him because i know i wont find him till that moment fate has chosen already!

" zindagi mein pyaar toh ek hi baar hota hai ", then what are you trying to do seeing random people and breaking up, taking forever to get back on track? giving up on life because he hurt you? well, you alone are letting him in the first place!

Girls!! wake up! trust your God, trust Him and crush all your crushes!!!!


  1. Riaaaa I love you for this post ..I also have a strong believe that Allah Subhan o Tallah knows how,when,where the soul mates will meet. :) .. Its all already decided!